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The open call for this programme is currently closed.


Timeline and duration

This course equips young people to make a meaningful impact on gender equality issues by enhancing their leadership capabilities and supporting them implementing activities within their communities. It has been co-designed by Clore Social Leadership and the British Council, and offers self-access materials, including readings, videos, podcasts and articles. Participants also have the chance to reflect on their leadership journey and connect with other young leaders with similar interests.

Each week will incorporate a practical task and a reflective exercise, aimed at nurturing participants’ self-awareness, confidence, and their ability to apply the knowledge gained. Furthermore, participants will benefit from an ongoing support provided by a facilitator through the live sessions.

Participation in this course is free of charge.

Programme details

  • The course will be divided into two parallel groups: one for European alumni of UK universities and the other for young people from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. This is irrespective of their level of education or where they pursued their studied.
  • The five-week self-guided online course will be conducted in English, designed to seamlessly integrate with the participant’s daily routines.
  • Each week, a 90-minute live classroom session will follow the completion of the online module.
  • For UK alumni (Cohort A) the live classrooms are scheduled for the following dates: 23, 30 October and 6, 13, 20 November at 18.00-19.30. – CET.
  • For non-UK alumni (Cohort B) the live classrooms are scheduled for the following dates: 26 October and 2, 9, 16, 23 November at 18.00-19.30- CET.
  • Approximately 25–30 participants will be selected per cohort to attend the course.
  • Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate.

How learning will happen

  • The programme spans five weeks, each week focusing on a core aspect of social leadership.
  • At the start of each week, participants will gain access to the week’s online content, alongside a practical task to be completed by week’s end.
  • By the close of the week, participants are expected to have completed the practical task and will be provided, with the reflective writing assignment.
  • Self-reflection plays a central role in this programme. Participants will be encouraged to engage in critical thinking about their own leadership capabilities.
  • Each week, a live classroom session will be conducted where facilitators will assess learning progress, foster peer learning and encourage reflection.

Eligibility criteria

Participants should:

  • be aged 18–35
  • be a resident of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland
  • hold a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) from a UK higher education institution (for the alumni cohort only)
  • have some experience in and a keen interest in leadership
  • have prior experience in working on women’s rights and gender equality, and a commitment to enhancing their leadership and influence in this field
  • have a good proficiency in English
  • have access to a stable and reliable internet connection and be able to commit five weeks to online learning