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As part of our regional Stronger Together programme and the global Alumni UK programme, we are organising an online event on the theme of Gender in the Workplace, which will take place on Tuesday 21 March 2023, 17.30–19.30 CET.

Event details

The event will bring together stakeholders from UK and European businesses and policy organisations and institutions related to higher education to talk about their work in gender equality from the perspective of policy or practice and share good practices.

The event will be split into two parts:

  1. The event will kick off with a keynote speech by Laura McGee from Diversio, whose mission is to help organisations worldwide become more inclusive. Laura’s speech will cover key trends related to gender equality and diversity in the workplace, and will be followed by a panel discussion and a Q&A session.
  2. After the panel discussion, there will be two parallel sessions aiming to engage participants in a more interactive discussion and exchange of ideas on the following topics:
  • careers and employment
  • policies and campaigns.

The event is an opportunity to learn more about what different organisations are doing to tackle challenges and inequalities in relation to gender. In addition, the parallel thematic sessions will offer participants the opportunity to share examples of good practice in gender equality issues.

Confirmed speakers

  • Laura McGee, Founder and CEO of Diversio
  • Ellen Pugh, Senior Consultant Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at AdvanceHE
  • Mary Collins, Senior Policy and Advocacy Coordinator at European Women’s Lobby
  • Emma Smith, Assistant, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Unit at the Council of Europe


  • Stalo Lesta, Consultant and Gender Expert


For further information, please contact Marilena Kyriakou at Marilena.Kyriakou@cy.britishcouncil.org.