English language, communication skills and assessment solutions for businesses, governments and educational institutions.

Empowering organisations to boost communication skills for success

We have an unparalleled track record of 80+ years of partnering with corporate, government and education organisations in 80+ countries to grow English and communication skills.

We use our expertise and experience to create scalable, engaging, impactful online learning solutions for students and professionals in all roles, industries and career stages. Our courses are available at a range of prices to suit different budgets.

We ensure success and take the pain out of training course design and implementation by supporting L&D, HR and business managers through our four-step process. 

Step 1 – Consultation: We identify skills gaps and learning goals for your organisation.

Step 2 – Design: We offer scalable, customised online solutions with personalised content and integrated assessment.

Step 3 – Delivery: Our experienced trainers engage your teams online and develop relevant, transferable skills to ensure your employees' progress.

Step 4 – Evaluation: We track and report progress, report ROI and help you communicate success to stakeholders.

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Our English and Professional Communication Skills training solutions

Join 80+ million learners around the world to see practical results and behavioural change in the workplace. Our online programmes include:

  • targeted, relevant workplace skills development
  • tools to track training impact and ROI.

Online training suite

A one-stop solution for English and Professional Communication Skills development. Dashboards and targeted feedback help you report training impact and return on investment. Courses are curated to meet your needs from:

  • Self-study: Convenient, scalable, affordable guided learning to strengthen social or workplace English skills when and where it suits learners
  • Workplace English: Scalable, cost-effective blended learning, combining flexible self-study with interactivity and feedback in trainer-led sessions
  • Social English: Engaging, interactive, trainer-led workplace and social English programmes, with premium online learning activities and assessments
  • Professional Communication Skills: Targeted, impactful, spoken and written workplace communication skills development
  • IELTS Coach: Focused IELTS exam preparation to help your candidates get the training to help your team and students get the score they need with us, the co-creators of the IELTS test.
  • Assessment: Globally recognised exams, assessments and credentials that set standards to benchmark, track progress and highlight achievement. They'll enable you to recruit talent, benchmark skills and measure progress, and support students to gain admission to institutions around the world.

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