Learning Time with Timmy

The British Council and Academy Award®-winning Aardman animation studios bring you Learning Time with Timmy. This innovative learning experience includes courses, apps and a video series to help children aged two to six learn English.

What is Learning Time with Timmy?

Learning Time with Timmy is a fun and effective way for your child to learn English. It combines our English teaching expertise with Aardman’s world-famous animated characters. Together, they offer your child a happy and memorable experience of learning English. 

Learning Time with Timmy includes:

  • learning apps
  • a fun learning video series available to watch on YouTube 
  • a free online course for parents and teachers.

Who is Learning Time with Timmy for?

Learning Time with Timmy is designed for children aged two to six learning English as an additional language. It is also perfect for very young children whose first language is English as they develop their vocabulary.

Introducing English to your child between the ages of two and six allows them:

  • to learn English when it comes to them most naturally
  • to learn English at the best age to master good pronunciation
  • to improve their language skills and self-confidence.

Why has the British Council partnered with Aardman?

Aardman  is an Academy Award®-winning British animation studio based in Bristol, UK. Their much-loved creations include Wallace & Gromit , Shaun the Sheep  and Chicken Run. 

Their TV show Timmy Time  is for two to six-year-olds. Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn. This makes him an ideal character for young children because they can relate to Timmy’s experiences. At nursery, Timmy learns how to share things and think about other people's feelings – not just his own. 

We approached Aardman to partner with us because Timmy’s stories capture the imaginations of very young children, and deepen their engagement in the learning process. They are the perfect way to allow your child to learn new words in context and to bring our English teaching to life.

Watch the Learning Time with Timmy video series

Continue your language-learning adventure at home by watching the Learning Time with Timmy video series on YouTube.