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Please see each section below for more information on how to register online:


Register online for IELTS here and the IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration here.

Cambridge English Qualifications

The registration deadline has been extended until 10th of April for all levels. The deadline for late entries will be 15th of April.

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Cambridge Assessment International Education

The registration period for the Cambridge International Assessment Education October/November 2022 examination session first time entries, is now open until 9 August 2022. For the resit candidates from May/June 2022 (waiting for results) the registration is until 14 September 2022.

In the downloads section below you can find the list of subjects that we are offering with the fees.

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Payment Instructions

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Important notes

  • Payment: Be informed that you need to submit a copy of your payment (see payment instructions above) via email at contact.exams@cy.britishcouncil.org within 5 days otherwise your registration will be cancelled.  If you are registering between 8-9 August, we will need the Bank deposit slip immediately sent to the email address
  • Late fees: we will be accepting entries with late fees until 14 September 2022 
  • Access Arrangements: please note that if you require Access Arrangement, you have to send us the medical report (the medical report must be in English and a recent one, a translated report is not accepted by Cambridge) immediately after you complete the registration. Candidates requesting Modified paper, need to contact us before they register as the deadline is 1 July 2022
  • Covid-19: In case the exams are cancelled due to Covid19 restrictions, we will let you know the procedure to register for the next session
  • Refunds: For any case of refunds 25% admin fee will be deducted from the original fee.

Pearson Edexcel

Registration is closed.


Registration is closed.

University Exams

To register for University exams, click here for more information. Please note that claims for refunds are only accepted if an English medical report is sent within seven working days from the day of examination.

Professional Exams

To register for professional exams, click here for more information. Please note that claims for refunds are only accepted if an English medical report is sent within seven working days from the day of examination.


Aptis test is run on an on-demand basis. If you wish to take the Aptis test please contact us directly on contact.exams@cy.britishcouncil.org. Application forms can be found  here.

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