IELTS is the international test for international mobility. More than 8,000 organisations worldwide already accept IELTS scores for education, employment and immigration, including government, academic and employment institutions. If you need to assess the language skills of your students, staff or potential candidates, IELTS is the only test you need. 

The IELTS test gives you a reliable way to:

  • Recruit staff and students with the right level of attainment in English language.
  • Assess the English language level of your students when they are applying for international mobility programmes.
  • Equip your students with the world’s most popular international English language test at the point of graduation, so that they can stand out in today’s competitive jobs market.

Becoming an organisation which recognises IELTS

You can help raise the profile of your institution to prospective candidates by applying to become an IELTS-recognising organisation. Your organisation will then be given a free listing on who accepts IELTS and all IELTS websites giving your organisation greater exposure to millions of potential test takers worldwide.

Find out how to become an IELTS recognising institution.

Help your applicants by keeping them informed

To help people who want to apply to your school understand what you need from them, we recommend that you publish the IELTS scores that you require on your website. This information will help prospective candidates in their decision about whether to apply to you. It will also help make your application process more efficient and reduce the number of enquiries you have to handle. 

Please download the IELTS guide for prospective recognising organisations from the Download section below.

  • IELTS guide for prospective recognising organisations (Adobe PDF 866KB)