Cambridge English Qualifications Registration

Do you have international aspirations? Does your dream job require proof of your English level? 

It’s time to register for your Cambridge English Qualification. 

Cambridge English Qualifications are known and recognised by schools, universities, private and public sector employers all over the world. Success in a Cambridge English Qualification provides you with an internationally recognised certificate showing the level you have attained in English.  

Test day experience 

Register for your Cambridge English exam with us to receive high-quality end-to-end exam support. We offer: 

If you would like more information on taking this high-stakes English language test with the British Council, you can contact us 

Free online preparation material 

Registration for a Cambridge English exam typically closes ten days before exam day, and it could take up to six weeks for you to receive your certificate. Plan your future ahead of time and make the most of the intermittent period to prepare well and succeed. 

To help you get ready, when you book your exam with us, you’ll get free access to our great online preparation tool, LearnEnglish Exams. 

What does LearnEnglish Exams for candidates offer? 

  • Practice exercises for Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Use of English
  • Personal feedback when you submit a writing and/or a speaking answer.
  • Exam strategies and expert tips to help you answer different types of questions.
  • Advice on how to improve your English skills further.
  • Available for candidates taking B2 First, B2 First for Schools and C1 Advanced.