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Please see each section below for more information on the application forms available. If you are unable to take your test due to a medical reason after registering, you may ask for a refund, please find the Refund Form below and note that Bank Charges will apply on any kind of refunds.

If you have any questions please email exams.enquiries@cy.britishcouncil.org 

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Registration

Registration for CIE exams for May 2018 will be open in January at: https://schoolexams.britishcouncil.org.  

Pearson Edexcel registration

Registration for Pearson Edexcel Examinations are now live at  https://schoolexams.britishcouncil.org, the deadline for registrations for the January International GCSE and IAL examinations is 15 October 2017. Please see the easy step guides and list of subjects below. Individual candidates are required to pay online by credit card. 

ABRSM application forms

ABRSM Application forms can be found here.

SESSION: THEORY November 2017       Registration period: 28 August to 14 September 2017

SESSION: PRACTICAL October - November 2017       Registration period: 01 - 20 July 2017

Professional and University Exams

If you wish to register for professional or university exams, click here for more information.

English language exams


There are no application forms for the IELTS Exams. Find out more on how to register online for IELTS here and the IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration here.

Cambridge Exams

There are no application forms for the Cambridge English exams. Find out more on how to register online for the Cambridge Exams here. For registration please click here.


If you wish to take the Aptis test please contact us directly on exams.enquiries@cy.britishcouncil.org. Application forms can be found here.

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