FameLab award ceremony

 FameLab 2019 Competition

FameLab Cyprus 2019 Finalist

Cyprus was represented by Elli Shiama, a paediatrician and lactation consultant that loves learning new things. She is a mother to 3 children, a dog, and four parrots and enjoys walking by the sea and reading books. She only believes in scientific evidence, so if you want to be friends don't tell her that the earth is flat or that vaccines cause autism.

FameLab International Final 2019

Tim Gordon from the UK wins FameLab International Final 2019.

Tim Gordon, marine biology PhD student from the UK, was crowned the 2019 FameLab International Champion at Cheltenham Science Festival on 6 June. He successfully competed against 24 other science communicators from across the world.

This year’s finals featured contestants from 25 different countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and the UK.

Successes at the International Competition

First prize in 2011 with Mrs. Myrtani Pieri and shared second prize in 2012 with Mr. Ioannis Karypidis.