Cambridge Assessment International Education have committed to ensuring examinations run in all countries where the Government has no such prohibitions in place at the time the examinations take place 

Recognizing centres are facing different challenges in managing teaching, learning and assessment for June 2021 exam series Cambridge has introduced Covid-19 exemptions for certain components being sat in May/June 2021.  Exemptions can be requested in cases where teaching or assessment was disrupted by the pandemic where it required access to facilities or equipment in a way that wasn’t possible. This means you may choose not to take some components of subjects in the May-June 2021 exam series. Schools and private candidates can request exemptions against components such as speaking tests and science practical sessions. 

A full list of exemptions is available and at Cambridge’s website here.

Acceptable reasons to apply for Exemptions

You can apply for a Covid-19 exemption if your learning was disrupted because the component required: 

  • access to facilities and equipment that has not been possible due to Covid-19 disruption, e.g. instruments, laboratories, studios, audio visual equipment, sports facilities, specific software, specialist material.
  • working with others, e.g. in pairs, groups, or teams, which have not been possible due to Covid-19 disruption.


Please read the FAQs document before considering applying for exemptions from the FAQ document below.

IMPORTANT – please read the risks below

If Cambridge approves your application, then your final grade will be decided based on your performance in the component(s) that you do take.  Therefore, you must understand the risks with Covid-19 exemptions before you apply:

  • The risk of the candidate’s grade being less representative of their ability is greater if they complete a smaller percentage of the assessment. 
  • Candidates who are absent for an acceptable reason from a non-exempt component (including, for example, illness, the need to self-isolate, or a ‘lockdown’ on the date of the exam) may not have sufficient evidence for Cambridge to calculate and award an assessed mark for the components they were absent for. They would therefore receive ‘NO RESULT’.
  • You can find more information on Cambridge Exemptions for the May-June 2021 series here

How can you apply for an exemption?

You need to fill in this form to apply for an exemption Friday, 9 April 2021. You will need to state your centre number, candidate number, subject code and name as stated on the ID to apply. This candidate information has been sent to you by email. Once we receive this information we will forward it to Cambridge Assessment International Education and confirm your exemptions.

Instructions for exemption applications:

  • Please check and verify the option code, subject code, and component codes for which you want exemption for, and then fill the form carefully with the correct information.  
  • For each qualification, such as IGCSE or A-level, then please make one attempt to fill this form with correct subject and component codes. If you make multiple submissions for a qualification, then we will only accept the latest form as your final application and discard any information provided in previously filled forms. 
  • If you are applying for exemptions in more than one qualification, e.g. both IGCSE Level and A Level then you will need to submit a separate form for each qualification with the relevant option code, subject and component codes. 
  • You must complete the form by Friday, 9 April 2021.

You are not required to submit any evidence to the British Council or Cambridge to prove your learning has been disrupted by Covid-19.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at